Introduction to The Nomadic Light Warriors: Lani Loves and The Reiki Panda

urfer24 January 2018

Welcome to our blog! We are the Reiki Panda (Panda works just fine, though) and Lani Loves aka Alanna. For geographic purposes, we met in Jacksonville Beach, Florida while working at Surfer (The Bar), her as a cocktail server and him as a bartender. We clicked immediately on the job and outside of work, becoming inseparable soon after meeting and having the pleasure of starting out as close friends and progressing to lovers. (We even weathered Hurricane Irma together! )

As far as individually, Lani Loves is from Florida and will be 24 years old this year. She is a yogi, writer, surfer, singer, artist, shaman, and Reiki practitioner. She graduated from Flagler College with a degree in Journalism with a minor in Spanish and is passionate about traveling, love, dancing, being in tune with the universe, and lighting up the world. Lani enjoys making people smile and making anything and everything into a song or dance. She loves anything having to do with animals and nature, which has led to her biggest lifestyle change and fun aspect of life- veganism! She’s been going strong for 5 years now and all the while learning more about recipes, benefits, and processes that go alongside a plant-based diet and lifestyle.

The Reiki Panda is from Maryland, but is nomadic by nature and has lived in many places along the east coast (USA) during his 25 years. He will turn 26 this year and is a proud drop out of Salisbury University. Should he have graduated, he would have earned a bachelor’s in Communications with a minor in Spanish. Undeterred by this educational hiatus, Panda has retained his love for the Spanish language and regularly converses with Lani in Spanglish. He also enjoys writing, traveling, learning about expanded consciousness, meditation, yoga, shamanism, and spreading love and joy to all. Panda is a certified Usui Reiki Master/Instructor and he hopes to have many students and to help as many people heal themselves and others as possible.

As of January 2018, we have both accepted scholarships to attend RYT 200 Yoga Teacher training through the School Yoga Institute, based out of Ashland, Oregon.  The training will take place at a retreat center in a small village in the Sacred Valley of Peru. We are extremely excited for multiple reasons: we both want to travel (and wanted to see Peru specifically), yoga has been an incredible bonding point in our relationship, we get to deepen our spiritual practice in a sacred place, and we get to have an experience that will change our lives and help us positively impact the lives of others. We feel that this is a natural progression on our healing path and we look forward to bringing light and love from Florida to Peru and beyond!

As far as content-wise, this is our journey through our words. We haven’t hashed out all the details yet, but the expectation is that we will pen many of the posts together, do some individually, and combine pictures, videos, and words in a way that will bring our travels to life. We chose “The Nomadic Light Warriors” because we want to share light with all those we encounter along our path, no matter where it takes. We hope to build a following, a movement, and a network that can inspire change and raise the vibration of the planet. We are excited to share the love with everyone!!