The Reiki Panda: Waves

Thoughts are like waves in an ocean of consciousness. No matter how terrifyingly large they might loom, they all have a beginning and an end: the ocean itself. Remember this: YOU are the ocean, and YOUR thoughts are the waves. This is because our true nature is consciousness itself, not the limiting “I” thought like the ego would have us believe. We are the canvas on which the artist paints, We are the space between the words on this post, We are the ocean from which the waves arise, We are God, Allah, Buddha, Vishnu, Christ, and Zeus all rolled into one, We are the masters of our own realities, We are All, and We are Love. Don’t believe me? Meditate. Watch the space between your breaths…that brief pause between the inhale and the exhale. Sit and observe that small space and you will glimpse your true Self. Open your eyes and unshackle yourself from suffering of your own creation. There are no victims, only willing participants standing behind a veil of ignorance. The problem in this world isn’t some big, bad Evil (although it does exist), the problem is that most people are blind to their power of creation. The answers are there, but they must be found within.

One Love, One Truth,

The Reiki Panda

wesak buddha

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