The Divisive Political Game: USA Edition

Political parties are funny. It’s like it’s a qualifier in a conversation, especially nowadays. “Oh, I identify with this set of ideas that aren’t actually my ideas, but I’ve been told that they are my ideas, so I’m all in.” I realize not everyone is that ignorant, but I’ve seen plenty of people spouting off at the mouth (from both parties) and immediately demonizing the other side, based on nothing except political affiliation. No facts, all assumptions.

Yes, there are exceptions to this. Call me ignorant, but I’m probably not going to be friends with a neo-Nazi. However, as long as they aren’t actively trying to harm me, I’m also not going to try to change their belief. What YOU believe is none of MY business.

Now, if you’re trying to understand what someone believes, whether they be conservative or liberal, and you get into a healthy debate, I feel like that’s a different story. But to immediately shut down someone’s line of thinking because they identify with a certain political party is ignorant. At least learn why they’re saying what they are and for what reasons. If you still don’t jive with those beliefs, there’s nothing wrong with that. But, spitting venom, stoking the fires of anger, and espousing hateful rhetoric is a downward spiral that keeps us all apart.

First and foremost, we’re human beings. Let’s start out by treating each other as such and remembering we’re all at a different place in our experience. You can disagree with what someone believes without demonizing them and adding more fuel to the fire. Agree to disagree and move on with your life. You limit yourself by staying entrenched in your belief system. I’m not saying change what you believe in, just keep an open mind and be willing to listen to people. If another person showcases their ignorance, just keep it moving. Giving in to the anger doesn’t win you any fancy awards, just stress and annoyance.

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