Lani Loves: Manifesting your Dreams into Reality

We are all capable of creating magic. 💛✨

Be specific.

Write down what you want, visualize it, dream it, live it.

Whether you dream to live in Australia, or want to see the Grand Canyon, or travel around the world on a sailboat, or meet the love of your life, or make a career change, or live off of the grid, or have a meaningful conversation with someone; whatever you dream, you can do.

The more you believe in yourself, the more magic you are able to procreate in your universe. That may be in the form of self-love, making connections with like-minded individuals, unique art, realizations, whatever it may be, know that anything you set your mind to can be achieved.

Notice your thoughts, your conversations, your speech to yourself. Are they coming from a place of love, hate? Realize that the inner monologue plays a role in the outer world in terms of energy and intention. Believe in your highest potential, live your biggest dream. You can achieve any goal that you set your mind to, you can overcome any obstacle that steps in your path.

The only person that’s capable of preventing this life for you, is you. If you give a certain situation, positive or negative, enough thought and energy, it will happen whether or not you’re prepared for it to in that moment. Be patient and loving with yourself. You are made for this journey, you are meant to enjoy life and learn from your experiences.

Remember, you are beautiful and fascinating just the way you are. You have everything that you already need. Use your tools and wisdom to become the best version of yourself, and in turn inspire others to find their bliss.

By living in your authentic truth, you are stepping into your light and creating a sacred space for growth and love.

I believe in you. Let’s soar together into the flow of infinite opportunities that this life has to offer! 🙂

Playa Penca, Potrero, Guanacaste, Costa Rica 🇨🇷

*where I am currently enjoying and appreciating life with my fiancé*

Thank you universe 🙂 💜

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