Lani Loves: School Yoga Institute Review

Looking for a new direction in your stagnant life? Do you want to have numerous life-changing experiences in a beautiful place in this world? School Yoga Institute is your answer. The 200hr training that I participated in was beyond incredible and transformative. It was in the Sacred Valley of Peru, in a small village named Arin, at a retreat center called Sach’a Munay.


When I first saw pictures via School Yoga Institute’s website, I felt a strong sense of purpose and gratitude wash over me. The facilitators looked inspiring and happy at a first glance. The locations were breathtaking and took place in sacred spaces. Every corner I turned led me to another positive experience and connection. I was so excited to hear that they had a scholarship program as well. My fiancé Panda discovered SYI and we began our applications together, knowing that this was where our path was meant to lead us. Throughout the application process, the SYI family and team have been so helpful and kind, answering questions and giving advice whenever I needed it. I appreciate you all so much- Abby, Keri & Janani!


The 21-day training was a whole lifetime fit into a minuscule number of days. I felt like a different person as each day went on, in the best way of course. Our weeks were broken down into cycles: serpent, jaguar, hummingbird, and eagle. Each week we would apply the teachings of each animal and cycle and release our old routines and baggage. It was an absolute gift to wake up before the sun, step out of the tipi, walk to the shala and meditate with my SYI fam each morning. Practicing and learning the two styles of yoga, hatha and vinyasa, was very empowering. To learn and appreciate what it takes to create these flows and the sacred space that is filled with intention and love. Our facilitators, Janani and Adrianna, were remarkable in the way they carried themselves in and out of class. They were in touch with their purpose, their ability to share what they’ve learned throughout their lifetime and applied it in beautiful ways of sharing. From classes, to fire ceremonies, to numerous songs, ecstatic dances, heartfelt stories, eyegazing, everything. There were 13 students and 2 teachers, and we formed bonds that will last a lifetime. We were all meant to soar to Peru and grow extensively individually and together.


I’ve learned that in order to be happiest and living your authentic truth is to do what you want. Listen to your heart, your breath, the songs of the Earth. By taking time to dive into yourself, you will find all of the answers that you seek. You already have all of the tools, it’s about doing the work. Making it happen.


The fact that this training took place in such a magical, gorgeous location heightened the entire experience. My fiancé Panda and I stayed in a tipi, which was quite an experience in itself. Every evening we would see stars cover the sky, protecting us above and below. I had never seen so many stars in my life. The property was covered in blooming flowers and plants, the staff was always beaming with happiness, the food was absolutely delicious and made with love, the land provided us with support, love and wisdom. All around, it was 5/5 stars. I still get mesmerized every time I think about Sach’a Munay and the training. I’m so grateful I was able to partake in the experience to learn an amazing skill while giving myself the necessary love and support to achieve my dreams!

Thank you so much everyone @ School Yoga Institute. Y’all are some badass, inspiring, beautiful souls!


So much love,

Alanna O’Rourke

aka Lani loves 🙂 ❤

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