The Reiki Panda: School Yoga Institute Review

The School Yoga Institute 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training (Sacred Valley of Peru) course gets 5 stars in every aspect. From the scholarship interview all the way to the last day of training, this process has been transformational and growth-inducing. Leading up to the training, Abby, Keri, and Janani all were extremely communicative and helped ease my transition from Florida to Peru. When Alanna and I arrived at Sach’a Munay, we were immediately captivated by the beauty of the grounds. We were also delighted to discover a matrimonial tipi (set up in advance by the thoughtful SYI staff) that really set the tone for our experience with a resounding “WELCOME!!” The only word of warning I would have is that it can definitely get really cold at night in the Sacred Valley. Bring warm clothes and the hot water bottles are your friend!



During the training, our facilitators, Janani and Adrianna, and our guest teachers (Loren and Dennis Hill) were all extremely knowledgeable, kind, genuine, and vulnerable (only in the best way). These educators laid the foundation for a spiritual transformation cleverly disguised as a yoga teacher training. Yes, I learned how to teach yoga while at Sach’a Munay, and I’m damn confident in my ability to do so now (thanks to the aforementioned people). But, I can’t even put into writing all the other valuable lessons I learned, the songs we sang, the wild dance parties we held, the beautiful souls I connected with, or how I constantly experienced being in the magic of the Universe. No, those are things you must witness firsthand to truly comprehend.  Oh, and before I forget, the staff of Sach’a Munay were the absolute best, and the food was vegan/vegetarian and DELICIOUS! 3 meals a day and the meals were always nourishing and delectable.


I would recommend this experience to anyone who:

-feels stuck

-wants to deepen their yoga practice

-wants to start a yoga practice

-wants to deepen/start a meditation practice

-doesn’t quite believe in magic/miracles

-wants to learn about themselves

-is a human being

-deserves more

-wants to learn a valuable skill

-all of the above




Thank you, SYI. To put a final summation of my feelings on this teacher training: that sh*t was dope.




Panda Hirabayashi

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