Incoming: The Optimistic Vegan Blog

Hello friends!

The time has come for a new addition to The Nomadic Light Warriors :

The Optimistic Vegan Blog !

That’s right. A blog all about veganism and the plant-based lifestyle as told by Lani & Panda.

The blog will include :

  • Plant-based Recipes (Easy/Store-bought meals & Made from scratch)
  • Plant-based/Vegan Resources
  • Reviews of Plant-based Products
  • Local Restaurant Reviews
  • Instagram Accounts to Follow for Info
  • Interviews with Vegan Business Owners/Activists/Influencers
  • How to Get Involved with the Vegan Movement
  • Vegan/Sustainable Small Businesses & Companies I Support
  • How to Ask for Your Meal to be Veganized (English & Spanish)
  • and much much more to come!

We are super excited for this new chapter and to work with our community, local & worldwide, to provide the best resources for you in your health journey!

If you have any questions or suggestions for us, please comment on this article or send us an email! 🙂

Infinite love and blessings,

Lani & Panda

The Nomadic Light Warriors




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