Magic in Action

We haven't really had access to good WiFi during our stay at Sach'a Munay, but I'm pleased to report that this place has been everything promised and then some. It's been an absolutely transformational experience and the grounds are beautiful. We're down to our last 4 days in Arin and then it'll be back to… Continue reading Magic in Action

We made it to Cuzco!!

Sorry for the huge break in the action, everyone. We've been busy saving up and getting prepared for our journey, so blogging kind of fell by the wayside. Good news, though! We left Jacksonville last night at 745 and arrived in Perú today around 4 pm. It's been hectic, but it's been far smoother than… Continue reading We made it to Cuzco!!

The Reiki Panda: Website Launch Celebration Giveaway!

In order to celebrate my website (The Reiki Panda) going live, I've partnered with ClickBank and some of their retail partners to give away some free stuff for y'all! It may not be much, but it's my way of saying thank you for supporting our journey thus far! There are three different gifts, and you… Continue reading The Reiki Panda: Website Launch Celebration Giveaway!

Panda and Lani: Back at it again in the kitchen

We made cilantro lime rice bowls topped with black beans, sautéed veggies (sweet onion, garlic, zucchini, and cauliflower), jackfruit (as a meat sub), and homemade guac! This was definitely one of our better creations yet. In the interest of full disclosure, Panda dipped into his previous experience/bag of tricks as a former Kitchen and Service… Continue reading Panda and Lani: Back at it again in the kitchen